• Media Literacy

    The focus of the seminar Media Literacy is on the individual main topics of the students. The goal is to create a multimedia presentation based on a concrete artifact. The two short films ‘The Gadget Lover’ and ‘copy.paste’ are presented here as practical works.

  • Conference: The Sound of Sound Studies

    From July 8 to 10, the 2021 annual conference of the AG Auditive Medienkulturen & Sound Studies in the Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft will take place in Lüneburg for the second time.

  • The ‘Listening Sessions’

    Malte Pelleters work on drum machines (“Futurhythmaschinen”) has been published… The listening sessions contained therein, including links to the music samples, as individual modules can be found on our ((audio)) website. The sessions allow you to do exactly what the web is good at: click, listen, and read while doing so. A series of trailers of the “Futurhythmaschinen”, as addictive as the episodes of some Netflix series.

  • Malte Pelleter: Futurhythmachines

    Good news! Malte Pelleter’s “Futurhythmaschien” has been published and is now available in Open Access.

  • Cross Innovation Class

    In 2021, the Cross Innovation Class enters its third round. Interdisciplinary teams, which consist of students from different universities, will again deal with challenges from the practical field of the creative industries. The main focus of the inter-university student project in the summer semester is ’21 is Smart City & Urban Tech’.

  • Guest Lecture Series: Composers on Soundscape Composition

    In January, a series of guest lectures focused on the aesthetics and composition of artistic soundscapes. The four lectures were given by international artists*. Among them: Fredrik Mathias Josefson (new media artist), Zoe Yi-Cheng Lin (AI & VR music), Luong Hue Trinh (experimental electroacoustic music) and Ángela Hoyos Gómez (new media artist).

  • Call for Papers: The Sound of Sound Studies

    From the 4th to the 6th of March 2021, ((audio)) will host the annual conference of the AG Auditive Kultur & Sound Studies of the Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft.

  • Workshop: A life in Samples

    On 25.09. the workshop ‘A life in Samples’ took place as the final event of the seminar ‘Digital Sampling Techniques’. The guest was the New York based artist Tony Rainwater (Anthony Abbadessa), who exclusively presented his unique and creative sample workflow. The event was accompanied by a discussion on the question of whether and to what extent there are limits to the technique of sampling.