• Digitization of analog audio media
  • Editing Audio Material
  • Conversion of audio data
  • Digital Audio Productions


  • AudioLab – recording studio for digital music production / postproduction (11.215b)
  • Digital audio workspace with 5 workstations for sequencing and audio processing; location of the copy station for digitalization / compression of analog media. (7.109)


  • analogue audio media (turntables, cassette recorders)
  • digital audio media (DAT, minidisk, computer)
  • Sample editing software (WaveLab, CoolEdit, Soundforge, Bias Peak)
  • sequencer and hard disk recording software (Cubase, Logic, Protools)
  • Film scoring software
  • complete studio equipment with mixer console, synthesizers, samplers, etc.


  • Consultation on and provision of software and rooms and equipment (if necessary, referral of research assistants)
  • for audio streaming of events on the Internet
  • for transferring and converting audio material
  • for editing speech and music for multimedia and online publishing
  • in digital music production
  • for the picture-accurate dubbing of videos

Advanced training

  • in these subject areas for teachers (on request).