The mediation of artistic intention in processes of hardware and software development proves to be just as problematic as the mediation of technical potentials at the artistic imagination. The ‘tool’ as an artistic medium, has already vaguely contained the idea that is realized. We believe that this principle has been implied by artists working in the traditional way for many centuries. However, due to the wide gap between artistic and technical competence, it has been neglected in the current transition of digital media development. 

We believe that the malleability of ‘digital tools’ allow us to focus on the relationship between instrument, composition, and opus. But are these relations and categories on longer appliable? This is why a central objective of the project is to convey and reflect the perspectives of technology cultivation in the field of application development.

Related topics are:

  • Theories on industrialized society/information society
  • Media theory 
  • Organology / instrumentation / theory of composition with electronic instruments