A special concern is the constant updating of contents and methods. The acquisition of knowledge and practical contexts has fundamentally changed due to the increasing speed of innovations in hardware and software, processes of rationalization and optimization as well as aesthetic change.

University teaching can no longer only be based on the communication of a fixed canon of knowledge, but also organizes communication processes against the background of local competence and the ability to innovate.

In our experience, substantial parts of the content and methods are based on insider knowledge, which can only be acquired in the ‘scene’ of symposia, festivals and practice (radio stations, production companies, artists/musicians from the ‘popular’ and ‘serious’ fields) and transferred from there into research and teaching. The regional integration is supported by the opening of the audioLab for interest groups from the region. With the participation of musicians (e.g. the regional techno and house scene), artists and multimedia producers, etc., a communication area for the use of digital audio and AV media is to be created. In addition, audioLab equipment will be used internally for live performances and workshops by musicians and artists invited within the framework of the cooperation. Additional mobile components are available for this purpose.