Call for proposals: Music WorX Accelerator 2020 for start-ups in the music industry

The time for the Music WorX Accelerator has come: In 2020 Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft will again be looking for innovative business models at the interface between music and technology.

Music WorX 2020 – With innovative business models towards the future

Blocked concert halls, cancelled festivals, deserted dance floors – the Corona crisis is shaking the (live) music industry. Alternative revenue and business models are needed. We are looking for business ideas that can support the industry is taking a step into a digital future. Business models that help the music industry to overcome the crisis are welcome. But: Of course, other innovative ideas are also welcome!

About the funding programme

Music WorX is one of the few accelerators worldwide that explicitly addresses start-ups and founders from the music industry. Up to four young companies are supported. In a compressed, three-month program they develop their business idea further. They are supported by experts and mentors from the Hamburg music industry. The teams also receive a financial grant.
Whether the Accelerator 2020 will take place as analogue, the digital or hybrid format depends on how the pandemic situation in Europe develops.

Who can apply for it?

Applications are open to founders from all over Europe whose innovative business concepts have a high chance of being realised. We are particularly looking for teams who have not yet founded their company or have only recently founded it. If you are interested, please apply via our Online-Fragebogen. The application period ends on 13 July.

Why apply for Music WorX?

Teams participating in the Music WorX Accelerator receive various services and benefits:

  •  Financial support / Each team receives 5,000 euros. The funds can be invested in services needed to further develop the business model.
  • Grant for subsistence / In addition, each team receives a total of 4,500 euros as a grant for subsistence.
  • Individual Coaching / According to their needs, the participating teams receive an individually designed qualification program in the form of workshops and individual consultations. The program is carried out within four blocks of 4-5 days each. More about the programme.
  • Networking / We bring our start-ups together with Hamburg companies and network them with relevant industry representatives from the music industry.
  • Flexible Coworking Workplaces/ For the three-month programme, the teams are given flexible workstations in a Hamburg coworking space.
  • No selling of shares in our company / Music WorX is a publicly funded accelerator. Therefore the founders do not sell shares of their company to us.

Any other questions?

We are looking forward to your mail or your call

Contact Information: Claudia Wondratschke

Telefon: +49 40 879 7986 25