Guest Lecture Series: Composers on Soundscape Composition

In January, a series of guest lectures focused on the aesthetics and composition of artistic soundscapes. The four lectures were given by international artists*. Among them: Fredrik Mathias Josefson (new media artist), Zoe Yi-Cheng Lin (AI & VR music), Luong Hue Trinh (experimental electroacoustic music) and Ángela Hoyos Gómez (new media artist).

The seminar Aesthetic Practices of the Soundscape in Auditve Culture deals with concepts of artistic soundscapes based on multimedia works from the past 50 years. Both aesthetic and technical aspects of the compositions will be examined. The musical application (composition, sound art and multimedia performance) will be in the foreground.
The four guest lectures in January will deepen the contents of the seminar and are open to guest auditors.

Please contact Dong Zhou for meeting-ID & login-informations.


05.01.21 (16:15 CET) – Fredrik Mathias Josefson (new media artist)

“Mathias Josefson’s work spans digital and analogue media, often with a focus on sound as part of spatial installations.”

16.01.21 (10:00 CET) – Zoe Yi-Cheng Lin (AI & VR music)

“Besides working on projects of musical arts, she is working as a consultant of AMPai Music right now, supporting the research of AI systems and algorithms in music composition.”

16.01.21 (12:00 CET) – Luong Hue Trinh (experimental electroacoustic music)

“Not only being active as composer but also electro-acoustic performer/improviser, she [Trinh] got commissions for exhibitions and performed in numerous festivals/concerts.”

26.01.20 (16:15 CET) – Ángela Hoyos Gómez (new media artist)

Juan Hernández and Ángela Hoyos play together in a duo project called Ulrica Duo, experimenting and improvising with sound – to movement – to color synesthesia, and creating scenes in which the presence of the performers draws morphing characters.   Ulrica Duo’s music is created with the computer, and performed with wearable devices, and other physical interfaces.”