The Cultural Significance of Listening

Leuphana University Lüneburg | MA: Kulturwissenschaften | Module: Sound Studies – Media Perspectives |  Johannes S. Ismaiel-Wendt, Malte Pelleter | 

This seminar by Malte Pelleter and Johannes S. Ismaiel-Wendt aims to provide an urgently needed break from the maddening videoconferencing screens that are currently the standard format for university events. And it also raises questions about the role (or rather the negation) of hearing, of the auditory experience in such teaching formats. Therefore, in this seminar we want to listen (and read) together – and examine our approaches to listening in terms of their manifold cultural entanglements.

Consequently, the seminar will not be about a (psycho)acoustic or physiological examination of the human hearing apparatus. Instead, the focus will be on questions of different listening policies, of Ge-Hor-Samkeit or eavesdropping.