Contemporary Chinese media: media system, culture and transformation


Contemporary Chinese Media | Leuphana University Lüneburg | Minor Digital Media | Culture, Aesthetics and History of Digital Media | Friday, 10:15-12:00 | hybrid

Through studying a range of media formats concerning media policies and media production, media convergence and media consumption, the course provides an overview of the contemporary media in China, examines the development and transformation of media and communication practices in both the contemporary Chinese and global context.
During the first studying period, a general introduction will be made from different angles and perspectives, including Chinese television, films and digital media. After acquiring the basic knowledge of Chinese media system, various topics related to media will be analyzed and discussed, such as media control, public opinion, global communication and china’s internet development. Attention is also paid to case studies dealing with questions of media development and transformation.

Le Cao

Magdalena Lanman Niese

Elements of assessment:

Group presentation (60%)
Media practice (10%)
Essay within 2 pages (30%)

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