Media Literacy

The focus of the seminar Media Literacy is on the individual main topics of the students. The goal is to create a multimedia presentation based on a concrete artifact. The two short films ‘The Gadget Lover’ and ‘copy.paste’ are presented here as practical works.

Listening Session #13

Model 500 – No UFOs Catalogue No. M-001. The first release on Juan Atkins’ own label, Metroplex, is called Model 500: the technification of the personal name as a cyborg strategy, the posthumanist gesture of the self-referential, heteronymous model identifier. The first track of this first release, »No UFOs«, presents a prototypical techno track as…

Listening Session #1

The Reaktor Rhythmicon In order to be able to listen to the Rhythmicon and thus start the first listening session of this work, I have to play tricks. The recordings made of the second machine by Joseph Schillinger in the 1940s are hard to get hold of at the Smithsonian. Videos of the third version…

Listening Session #20

Prince – Purple Music Tschack! Bumm! With the first snare, there’s no stopping it. This thing is running. One. Two. Three. Four. Kick. Snare. Kick. Snare. 140 BPM barely leave time to catch your breath. A stick sound keeps the off-beats moving and swirls one or two sixteenths around the one. After four bars of…

Listening Session #5

Little Sister – Somebody’s Watching You »The last three Stone Flower singles, released in November and December 1970, all featured the Rhythm King prominently and no doubt sounded completely alien on pop stations, let alone R&B radio. Yet the new version of ›Somebody’s Watching You‹ by Little Sister made the Top 40 and, as such, is…

Listening Session #8

Shuggie Otis – Pling! / Maestro Rhythm King »Just to find the kind / of another time /down the road a bit /I’ve been walking it« Shuggie Otis, »Happy House«, LP Inspiration Information, CBS Records 1974. The needle slowly slides into the groove. It clatters. The penultimate track of the B-side has been played many times.…

The ‘Listening Sessions’

Malte pellet‘s work on drum machines (“Futurhythmaschinen”) has been published… The listening sessions contained therein, including links to the music samples, as individual digressions can be found on our ((audio)) website. The sessions allow you to do exactly what the web is good at: click, listen, and read while doing so. A series of trailers of the ” Futurhythmaschinen “, as addictive as the episodes of some Netflix series.

Cross Innovation Class

In 2021, the Cross Innovation Class enters its third round. Interdisciplinary teams, which consist of students from different universities, will again deal with challenges from the practical field of the creative industries. The main focus of the inter-university student project in the summer semester is ’21 is Smart City & Urban Tech’.

Workshop: A life in Samples

On 25.09. the workshop ‘A life in Samples’ took place as the final event of the seminar ‘Digital Sampling Techniques’. The guest was the New York based artist Tony Rainwater (Anthony Abbadessa), who exclusively presented his unique and creative sample workflow. The event was accompanied by a discussion on the question of whether and to what extent there are limits to the technique of sampling.

The Mobile Device at the Centre of Sound Installations

The sound installations ‘Call For Action*’ and ‘Connection is made…’ interact with the mobile devices of their viewers* and thereby illuminate different aspects of the relationship between the human being and his or her means of media communication. This is achieved, among other things, by looking back into monophonic times and by revealing the silent operations of the mobile device (see videos).

The Protest Machine

It rattles, whistles and drums. What is clear is that this artifact is about making yourself heard. The protest machine is equipped with everyday objects – such as pots and pans – which unfold loud qualities here. For the first demonstration in the lecture hall corridor (see video), the whole thing was staged with a surveillance camera and monitor, in order to also address the control of public space.

Work in Current Scientific Fields

In the research area of the website current scientific work is available for viewing and downloading. Newly arrived are bachelor and master theses with the following focal points: Postcolonial perspectives on music trends; streaming and curated playlists; the effects of the restructuring of music on the net; sound design in the e-automotive industry.