Aldo Lara


Aldo Mauricio Lara Mendoza
PhD guest student

Aldo has participated as a drummer in the Afro-Cuban band „Tumbadora Jazz“ (Mexico) and has recorded prehispanic jazz with „Purpúrea Jazz“ (Mexico). Recently he has collaborated with the live-coder composer Laura Zapata (Colombia).

Title of the Dissertation

Social Operators Contingency Reducers (OSRC): discussion and its contribution to the sociology of luhmannian music

Project description

This text discusses the notion developed by Galindo (2016), of seeing the dispositions (concept taken from the theory of practice, mainly developed by Bourdieu), technological materiality (developed by the theory of the network actor (ANT) whose main representatives, Bruno Latour stands out) and communication (concept of Niklas Luhmann’s social systems theory) as Contingency Reducing Social Operators (OSRC) that answer and solve the problem of the double contingency theorem (that is, that these three concepts are functionally equivalent for the solution of the problem indicated by this theorem.) This discussion will lead us to 1) briefly indicate the motivation of integrating three concepts into a common framework and briefly analyze what the double contingency consists of and why the operators (dispositions and technological materiality) do not directly solve the problem of the double contingency , although 2) already in the dispositions section and 3) technological materiality, we will explain how these can solve the problem of double contingency in a secondary way and 4) it will be briefly outlined how this framework can be applied in the case of art in general and in particular for the sociology of luhmannian music.


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