CDC Questions

by Magdalena Lanman Niese

“We believe that we are able to totally control the sound and structure of music with the help of digital technology and its possibilities. One may think we can control musical structures (…). But this control is not manageable. The musical artefact which is created goes beyond the digital because it is not constricted (…).”

As part of the “CDC Questions” interview series, conducted by Martina Leeker, Paul Feigelfeld and Irina Kaldrack, more than 159 different researchers were interviewed on the topic of digital cultures in 2014. Prof. Dr. Rolf Großmann was also interviewed and in this video he answers questions about the potentials and dangers of digital cultures, what digital cultures even are, what might lie beyond them and how academic teaching in digital cultures is undergoing change. Six years later, the statements made in the video still remain of great interest and relevance for our work in the ((audio)) team and thus shall be featured on our new website. The interview is conducted in German but it features English subtitles.

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After moving to our new website, we don’t want to let the previous feed contributions fade into oblivion. Therefore, this article appears in the new ((audio)) feed as part of the Throwback series.

If you are further interested in the “CDC Questions” project, you can find additional information and interviews on the website of the Centre for Digital Cultures.